Back and short

I’ve lived in the US now for over 22 years. I have encountered two dollar bills exactly three times (I kept them all). The first time was around Harvard Square as change in a store. It was so strange.

I’ve seen a few dollar coins too.  Usually all of them at once unfortunately. At least 15 years ago, if you bought a NJ transit train ticket in a machine at the station and paid with a 20 dollar bill the change came clanking down in a stream of dollar coins. They are heavy.

And just the other day reading a post at the The Oil Drum encountered the word copacetic for the first time in my life, according to World Wide Words a uniquely American slang word meaning “fine, excellent, going just right”. (Not much use for it these days.)

On my way back from Vancouver once the US customs officer that checked my passport, after finding out I was a mathematician, told me: [thinking pause] “I hope things add up for you”.

I hope the post does.


4 Responses to Back and short

  1. malena331 says:

    That made me laugh. A bit scattered though

  2. malena331 says:


  3. Tamas Hausel says:

    the dollar coins in NJ were the same 10 years ago, I bet it has not changed…

    you could also get 1 dollar coins if you bought a one day pass in the Gregory Gym at UT

    also my favorite coin is a half-dollar coin, which I have only got once during my 9 years in the US, I do not even remember where, this is my lucky coin now

  4. Matilde127+epsilon says:

    The one-dollar coins in NJ transit were the same 3 years ago!

    I once did get a 50-cent coin in those machines… I think I have 2 in total.

    I once got a 2-dollar bill and I decided to keep it in my passport. It was later found by a US customs officer while I was entering the US. Quite embarrassing!

    Talking about bills, have you checked

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